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Cereal Grains


With the heart of our operation in a major cereals growing region, we’re able to leverage our experience in trading and grain production to provide an unparalleled service to our domestic and international customers.

Oil Seeds


Known for its main uses in oil for human consumption and meal for livestock, Canadian oilseeds are a vital crop across the prairie provinces. Canada exports 90% of its Canola as seed, oil, or meal to over 50 markets around the globe. PureWest is proud to grow and market large quantities for our domestic and international customers.

Pulses and Beans


Through continued development, Canada has emerged as a world leader in pulse and special crop production. Surpassing 41 percent of the world’s pulse supply, Saskatchewan is the centre for Western Canadian production and responsible for over $2 billion dollars of lentil sales annually. Pulses are a staple in the PureWest portfolio and we'll continue to expand in our trading operations in pulses and beans.

Potash and Fertilizer

Potash mined in Saskatchewan is shipped by rail to Port of Vancouver and bulk vessel loaded to China, India and other parts of the world. The modern mining techniques, efficient rail transportation, and bulk loading capabilities allow the annual shipment of potash from Saskatchewan to exceed 16,000,000 tonnes per year.