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Purely Canada Foods™ is a vertically integrated agri-foods joint venture company between PureWest Commodities Inc. and the Battle River Railway Group

From the vast and pristine lands of Western Canada, to the tables of the World.

Purely Canada Foods™ will now purchase, process, transport & merchandise Identity Preserved commodities from our Saskatchewan and Alberta facilities to our customers around the globe.

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Sold to over 70 countries worldwide, Canadian wheat accounts for approximately 15 percent of all international wheat sales. Canada places second worldwide in terms of wheat exports by volume.

Oil Seeds

Praised the world over for health benefits, cooking advantages, palatable coloring and overall quality, Canola seeds produce the purest of cooking oil.

Pulses and Beans

Very popular in emerging markets as an incredibly viable source of protein. Popular in vegetarian, middle eastern cuisines, and emerging countries as a healthy choice as we continue to shift world food trends.

Potash and Fertilizer

Saskatchewan holds the largest and highest grade reserves of potash in the world along with modern cost-effective mining processes. Saskatchewan Potash yields nutrient values of 60% K2O or 95% KCl.